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Carpet Cleaning Fairfax Virginia Deepest Carpet Cleaning in Centreville, VA
Mighty Clean serves Centreville, VA by providing the deepest most thorough carpet cleaning possible. Our Cleaning process, equipment, and systems has been carefully designed to provide outstanding results without using harmful chemicals and extremely high pH cleaners that can cause damage and void carpet manufactures warranties. We take extra steps for our Centreville VA customers using a rotary powerwand (pictured left) to make hundreds of cleaning passes instead of 1 or 2 like the standard cleaning wand most companies still use. Our process will thoroughly flush out dirt, bacteria, and allergens from deep within you carpets pile. Our Centreville VA carpet cleaning clients rave about the results we provide and you will too!

Carpets Dry in Hours, Not Days
Our recommended Carpet Cleaning process for Centreville homes includes using our powerful truckmounted unit which removes 95% of the water used during the cleaning process. Although our rotary wand uses more water to thoroughly rinse the carpets, it actually leaves carpets drier than the standard cleaning wand. Often times our customers tell us the carpets are dry to the touch in just a few hours.

Centreville Carpet Cleaning Process
Our Carpet Cleaning process was designed by IICRC Certified Carpet Care Experts to achieve maximum spot, soil, and allergen removal. First we perform an inspection of the carpet to determine the perfect cleaning agents for your specific fiber type and soiling conditions. Next we complete a thorough commercial grade pre vacuum using a powerful 4 stage hepa filtration vacuum cleaner to remove dry particulate soil. Following the pre vacuuming we pre treat specific spots and stains with specialty cleaners and pre spray high traffic areas to break up and emulsify soils and stains. Next we agitate the pre spray into the carpet to further loosen soil, oils and allergens from the carpet fibers. The next step is to thoroughly rinse and extract the carpet with our rotary powered carpet cleaning machine and a truckmounted cleaning unit. During this process the carpet is rinsed with a low pH cleaner to ensure the carpet is left neutral to ensure it will dry soft and clean. The carpet is then groomed to stand up the fibers and high speed fans are placed to speed the drying process. The final step is a walk through inspection with our Centreville Carpet Cleaning client.

Centreville VA Carpet Cleaning Guarantee!
We offer a 100% Clean and Healthy Guarantee to our Centreville VA neighbors! If you are not completely satisfied we will happily rush back to re clean the area of concern. If for some reason you are still unhappy we will refund your money no questions asked.

All I can say is WOW! It was a pleasure working with such Professional, Friendly, and Knowledgeable carpet cleaners. I have lived in Fairfax for 10 plus years ... yet to come across another local company who works so hard to please their customers. Thanks!

- Julie P.
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